Birth of the EDC Valet


I am a husband, father, and protector of my household. Anyone that takes on the responsibility to carry every day, to help protect himself and those around him , knows the inconvenience of this habit.

I have developed something that has brought some organization to the otherwise chaotic daily routine. I first created this for myself¬† and have enjoyed it so much that I thought other every day carriers like myself should be able to tap into this O.D.C. satisfying organization solution! We present to you the Original patent pending ‘ EDC Valet ‘. A stylish, practical solution to keep your EDC items all together in an organized place at the end of your long hard day, but still at ready beside your bed so you will never be caught off guard fumbling in the dark looking for your favorite carry weapon.¬† All of our products are proudly handcrafted in the USA.



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